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Personal Branding Photography

When first impressions matter MOST!

You Know You Need Them . . .


Photos of you looking sharp, smart, confident, relaxed - the true you!


High quality images you can use to market yourself on your Website, Social Media, Facebook, Ads, Speaking Engagements, Book Covers and so much more

Well you've come to the right place. I can help you make your BEST first impression.

when is it time for a

photo shoot?


The time is now!!


You are ready to confidently show up online and attract your ideal customer.


You want to create a modern look with all your online media presence.


You know high quality personal branded images allows you to standout as the face of your business brand




All sessions include professional hair/makeup to make you look and feel your best. We will discuss style and clothing

choices to offer you a variety of great looks.


A pre-shoot planning session will identify your unique

branding needs and what images you truly want to capture.


Feeling uneasy about being in front of the camera? Don't worry. I've got you!! My job is to make you feel confident and comfortable during your photo session.



Let's create your unique visual marketing message

and design a plan to create those images



Professional hair/makeup & styling to bring out the best you.



I will guide you each step of the way;

posing that accentuates your best features.

No worries, I've got you!


> FULLY ENHANCED IMAGES: All final images

chosen will be fully retouched offered in an

online gallery for direct download.


Carla Jacobson Branding Photography

Capture your lifestyle


Adding lifestyle images can share a glimpse into your life

beyond the business woman image. You then create connections with other woman who you want to serve and attract as ideal customers.


Showing how you relax, your interests or hobbies outside of

business, what is important to you in life, or even your

favorite pet . . . it all shows your authentic self.


Our branding strategy session will reveal what lifestyle story elements you want to capture at your photo session.

FRESh, modern profile


So much MORE than JUST a headshot.


Yes, we will capture some traditional head shot photos

but then we will capture some very contemporary

and even fun images to use as social media profile photos,

in your newsletters, course creation, or even your

book cover!

Carla Jacobson Photography Branding

let's add some details


Our focus is not only on beautiful contemporary profile

images, branded business images, but also detail images.


Tools or products you use everyday that show story

elements of your business. Content that is personalized

and branded that you can post on all social media.


NO MORE stock photos.




'BONUS' (this is good stuff)


Not only do you get all your favorite images fully edited, but we provide them in color along with black and white.


PLUS we will crop and size them for social media ready to post right from your personal mobile phone app.


Next time you go to post, you're all set. Just add some text

and hit upload. No need to filter, they are good to go!!

Women looking at personal branding photos on cell phone.


WANT TO BOOK MORE CLIENTS? Get them to fall in love with YOU before they even hire you.


WELL, HOW DO I DO THAT? With a visual showcase of your personalty, of course!


HEADSHOTS show one you, one look - over and over. (and maybe its 3 years old - yikes!)


PERSONAL BRANDING creates a variety of high quality images that showcase all sides of YOU as the face of your business. Customers to get to know you, engage with you online, and trust you, before they even meet you.


How would it feel to be able to confidently send people to your social media and website, feeling proud knowing that it’s really who you are and what your brand delivers?


PLUS having a file full of images you can't wait to post? Pretty good, right?


It's time to up-level your online presence. Are you in ?


Packages & Pricing

We have the right package for ALL your business branding needs.


Take a look at the details here!


more about me


Hi, I'm Carla


In the past couple years we have seen an incredible shift in not only the way we run a business but the importance of authentic and consistent marketing. Our online presence has never been more important to our business success.


I believe that showing up AS your business you will create a personal connection to the right customer who wants to do business with you; also who YOU want to do business with.


Let's work together to create amazing images you will be

thrilled to share with everyone.


I can't wait to meet you!

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