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Top 7 What to Wear tips for Senior Pictures

Senior pictures never looked so good.

Heres a quick snapshot on how to prepare for your senior pictures. If you feel good, you’ll look good!! All seniors who book with Carla Jacobson Photography will also have access to our detailed Senior Style Guide. Let’s get started.

  • Choose outfits that you feel good in. Do you love how you look?
  • Solids always look better than prints. But small prints can work.
  • White vs off white. Does your skin tone work with white? Don’t let white ‘wash you out’.
  • Dressy dresses to comfy casual. Choose a variety.
  • Accessorize from jewelry to shoes; make each outfit unique.
  • Make sure they fit well. Not too short or too tight. You want to move in them!
  • ALWAYS (always) pick a mom fave. What’s her favorite outfit for you?

Be You!

The best advice I give to seniors is to choose outfits you love and feel good in. Yes, make sure they fit well, but also how does it make you feel when you look in the mirror? Always pick a favorite outfit for mom but then its time to show your style. From formal dress to sun dresses to distressed jeans and a t-shirt; if it says “you” then it typically makes for great photos.

Dress it up to cute and casual

Variety is Key for great senior pictures

Variety is really the key to offer you the best senior pictures. Short skirts are popular, but can you move and sit comfortably? Consider adding outfits to your senior picture list that also allow for sitting, bending, and movement. These can include jump suites to shorts to pants. Mix and match for great senior outfits.

Don’t forget to accessorize. Bring jewelry for every outfit. Necklace, bracelets, earrings can all be added to enhance your look. Shoes are also important and bring your outfit together. Wedges, heals, sandals, to chucks and boots; even bare feet may work for a summer fun senior picture look. All my seniors get a choice of hats too. 

Variety is key for great senior pictures.

Plan Ahead!!

Take your time and plan ahead. Look through your closet, try them on, and make a list. If you have questions, please text me your outfits and I will offer advice. Maybe its time to buy one or two fun new outfits for this special occasion? By making your outfit decisions a couple weeks ahead of your session you will feel confident and excited to show who you are in your senior pictures.

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