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Personal Branding Photography

What is personal branding photography?

In the past couple years we have seen an incredible shift in not only the way we run a business but the importance of authentic and consistent marketing. Our online presence has never been more important to our business success. 

Personal branding is showing up AS the face of your business creating a personal connection to the right customer who want to do business with you. It’s showing more than just a static headshot but of several well crafted personal images showing all facets of you. As a personal brand photographer I can make that happen. Let’s explore.

Show up online front and center of your business

Let’s face it, as a small business owner you have more things to give your attention to like sales goals, gaining customers, the ever changing economy; the list goes on. So who has time to think about how you look on-line? Doesn’t that one headshot from three years ago still work? (oh, wait, it’s been five years? – yikes!)

I know how hard it is to push yourself and get yourself in front of the right people… especially online. I know trying to continually standing out is an ever changing challenge. Let alone how nervous you might be by the idea of stepping in front of the camera!

I get it. I understand the uneasiness of knowing you need to update my online presence, but wanting to loose that extra few pounds or wondering if those new laugh lines will show. All of it.

Why a professional photographer matters

However, as a seasoned photographer I use correct posing, lighting, and light retouching to accentuate your best features and make you look your best. In a personalized photo session, I will guide you each step of the way to create images you will love.

A personal branding photo session will offer you beautiful images that you will feel confident to post. Your customers will see a more personal look at you behind your business while you out shine your competition. You can rest a bit easier knowing your marketing message is right on target with your brand story.

Putting yourself front and center of your business will ensure you create a business brand story that’s personal. No one is YOU and that’s your super power! You then gain loyal customers who grow to trust you, believe in you, and become customers for life.

Ready to attract the customers who connect to you? Give me a call and I can finally give you the updated online business presence you know you want. It’s time!! Schedule Today!!

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