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Top 5 Uses for Personal Branding Images

A sure way to take your marketing to the next level is using personal branding images in all your marketing and online presence. Rather than showing one static headshot over and over, personal branding offers a variety of “looks” showing who you are in all aspects of your business and, well, you. It creates a more personal connection with current and future customers building trust and confidence.

A personal branding photography session offers you not only high quality images to level up your personal online business presence but can also create a file full of great branded content. No more searching for stock images.

Let’s take a look at where you can use your images from a Personal Branding Photo Session.


From Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn articles (Uh, TikTok anyone?) I get it. The thought of posting personal images of yourself on social media feels cringe worthy, right? Who wants to see me?

Well, everyone!! Showing YOU as the content creator and business owner will draw in new customers and gain followers as they connect with the real you. PLUS with great quality images you will feel so much more confident and even excited to post yourself all over social media.


Your business website is a great way to show what you offer but also WHO you ARE. People searching for your service and product can see the entrepreneur behind the business. It gives you an edge over competition. Having a variety of images you can share throughout your website will engage viewers more easily with YOU. Who do you think they will call first? It’s now you who looks trustworthy and confident, of course.

  • Perfect for your home page
  • About me page
  • Contact or Information page
  • Services page
  • Product page
Carla Jacobson Branding
Update your website with personal branding photography.


Showing up with great images in your on-going ads on facebook or other promotions can create some instant recognition along with your service or product. Gaining some familiarity with viewers is key. ‘Oh look, there she is again’ might be just the ticket to a new customer. Remember to show, don’t tell.

Personal Branded Facebook Advertisement


Of course, retaining those ideal customers is critical in todays ever changing business marketing efforts. Offering a monthly or weekly newsletter showing your images in a more casual and relaxed look will keep customers interested in not only your business but YOU. What have you been up to? What new service are you working on now? Doesn’t she look amazing? It keeps the interest in both you and your business alive and can create those customers for life.


Blogging is really a personal preference. However, if you choose to blog, personalizing your posts will keep your online presence up to date and current. For those who are a bit more google savvy, then SEO is where its at. Google loves websites that remain active. Although no one will ever break that ever elusive algorithm, it sure is a plus to keep your website activity on Google’s radar. Having current high quality images to go along with your blog posts can only help your ranking in web searches.


I am confident that the images created through a personal branding photo session will help you gain that personal touch you’ve always wanted on social media. By having access to a bunch of great branded images you can create a long term marketing plan for months, get that promotion or campaign you’ve thinking about out there, up-level your social media and website; then you can set it, and forget it. What a relief to have marketing and branding off your to-do list so you can focus on growing the business that you love.

If you want more information check out our Personal Branding Page HERE. Or Schedule a Call with Carla to chat about how I can help you. I can’t wait to here from you.

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Carla is a portrait photographer located in Novi, Michigan. She is the go-to photographer for all your portrait needs. With over 12 years experience, her special skill is helping you feel your best in front of the camera and creating fine art portraits to enjoy now and for generations to come.

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